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Kiwi Inspections Offers:

Same Day Inspection

All information about the property
delivered the same day of the inspection.

Home Owners Network

Live Q&A tech support for your home.
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To the Buyer: Know what you’re investing in.

Buying a home is a big investment, which likewise calls for big decisions. It’s important to make those decisions with a level of security and confidence—that’s where Kiwi Inspections can help. We’ll inspect the property top over and inform you of all the property’s odds and ends, making sure you understand everything on the report. You’ll know what you’re investing in.

To the Seller: Fully understand what you’re selling.

As a seller, it’s helpful to address any problems that might lose or delay the property’s sale and to have answers to any questions a buyer might have. Kiwi Inspections can help you meet those matters. We’ll provide a report of the property and give complete disclosure on all the property’s factors, enabling you to tackle any issues that might blockade a sale.

To the Owner: Discover the best way to maintain your current home.

Kiwi Inspections is also there for anyone interested in maintaining or elevating the condition of their current home. We’ll inspect the place and give you the full rundown. From there, we can advise you on any maintenance or safety recommendations so that you can be sure your home is safe and up to date.


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